NoteWorthy Composer 1.75

NoteWorthy Composer 1.75



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Author: NoteWorthy Software, Inc.

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NoteWorthy Composer, a music composition & notation processor for Windows, allows you to create/notate, record, edit, print & play back your own music.*Create Your Own Songs-Write your own songs, or transcribe existing songs, using the notation editor. The editor allows you to create notation in a manner similar to writing a document in a word processor. Add parts (staves), notes, text, lyrics, & symbols directly from the editor. A note palette is available for visually setting most note attributes, with optional keyboard shortcuts for note entry using only the computer keyboard.*Listen to Your Songs-Songs can be played back via your computer s sound card, or to external MIDI setups. Notes are highlighted as they are played, so you can follow along while the computer plays back your creation.*Record Your Performance-You can use an external MIDI keyboard for real-time & step-time entry of your music. *Print Your Songs-Print your whole score for a conductor s view, or just the parts that you select. You can specify the notation size, in points, for fitting various arrangements on the page. Arrangements can be previewed prior to printing.*Import & Export Standard MIDI File Format-Use the interactive Import Wizard to load an existing performance that is contained in a standard MIDI file (*.mid). The performance will automatically be converted to notation, which you can then listen to, edit, rearrange & polish. Standard MIDI files can be exported, which can be shared with others who need *.mid file format.*Transpose Parts into Other Keys-A transpose feature can be used to transpose parts from one key to another. Notes & key signatures are automatically updated to the new key. *Publish Your Songs on the Internet-There are several supporting freeware products that will allow you to share your NoteWorthy Composer song files (*.nwc) with your friends, family & fans. Learn about the products at our web site

Systems: Windows

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